Cynthia J. Giachino

Lilly was born into a loving family in the rural Midwest. After giving birth to a son, she found herself amid two parallel worlds: one filled with terror, the other with secrets. Soon, she is imprisoned by her throat-grabbing fear. Is she strong enough to survive this battlefield and kill the demons of her memory?


Heartbreaking and gripping, the story unfolds in the trusted care and manipulation of her abuser
I think everyone, whether abused or not, needs to read this book


“Characters are well developed and seem real; shades of the world of pornography thread through the story like a tapeworm. Unexpected plot twists keep the reader turning pages.”

Ann McCauley for Story Circle Book Reviews


“The voice of Lilly tells a tale with beautiful prose of unbelievable abuse within her family. Heartbreaking and gripping, the story unfolds in the trusted care and manipulation of her abuser. Shocking and sad, the healing of old wounds comes about with therapy, and knowing life can go on with support and love for the greater good. I could not put this book down! The clear depiction of young Lilly and Lilly repairing herself are stunning and vibrant! A must read to heal those abused and to be ever wary for those who may be in harms way. Lilly’s hope and strength is beyond admirable!”

Peggy Stoop


“This book has taken me through a rollercoaster of my feelings. But in the end it made me stronger. Being a victim myself, it’s hard to have a voice. Thank you for writing this story!”

– Amazon Customer review


“I was immediately involved in Lilly’s amazing and heartbreaking story, so beautifully written. I liked how the book was organized, interspersed with therapy sessions, which provided the perfect relief and time for reflection on Lilly’s continuing trauma. The author did an incredible job of recreating the constant fear and shame, expertly describing the chilling and terrifying stalking and torture perpetrated by Frank. I think it is one of the best descriptions of child predatory behavior I have read. And, I admired the depiction of how these experiences affected the entire family and continued to dwell in the minds of its victims, especially how they evolved over the course of Lilly’s life. This should be required reading for child-abuse victims, parents, and mental health professionals. But, also as a novel, it is riveting and a great literary work.”

– A. Si


Cynthia J. Giachino was born and raised in Northern Michigan. She graduated from college with two majors in education and a minor in psychology. For 34 years, she taught elementary, middle school, and learners with special needs.


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